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Daniel Forlano is a clown and actor who tours an act and appears on film and stage productions.

to Jan 28


We regret to inform you, due to problems of stalking and Rights of Privacy, we are unable to post events. If you would like to know where Daniel is appearing please contact him personally.

We hope the condition is temporary.



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to Oct 22

King Richard's Faire

Weekends and Holidays; 12:15, 1:15, 3:00, Tiger Stage

A Comic Romance (Not seen in five years)

Take pleasure in observing this peculiar courtship ritual. It's a display of sometimes impressive and sometimes absurd acts of skill. Colorful pillows are tossed high into the air, hat flourishes are masterfully executed, perched on a chair he inexplicably tilts and turns it below, visually he serenades the lady of his affection. 

MDRF pillows.jpg
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